Thursday, October 18, 2012



If you do Twitter marketing then you understand how important it is to get "Twitter Followers". Getting "Twitter Followers" is a great way to communicate to those people on Twitter. So I've decided to come out with a complete brand new (yes I programmed it just for you guys!) Mass Twitter Follower Bot so that you can easily add people that are in your niche and they can all see what it is that you have to offer to them

The way that you use it is:

Step1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
Step2. Head over to the "Browse Categories" section, enter your niche, and find a Person or a Company "leader" in that niche.
Step3. Select the level to dig (either level1 or level2 dig), click the green "FOLLOW!" button, & FOLLOW the leaders FOLLOWERS...... THAT'S IT!!!

* The program is only designed for you to follow the followers of the leader and will NOT work if you try to follow the people that you find in the "Browse Categories" section. You will have to find the "Leader", click on the "Leaders" followers area, then click the green "FOLLOW!" button to start following.

Download :

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Google Hot Trends Scraper v1.0

Google Hot Trends Scraper v1.0

- Just click the green start button & the bot will go to work scraping the latest trends from google trends!
- Keeps you up-to-date with the hottest searches in Google!
- Will give you awesome niche & article ideas to blog about!
- Also has a "Google Adwords Keyword Tool" button that will open up the "Google Adwords Keyword Tool" in your default browser after your done scraping!
- Easy-to-use Desktop application! Just keep it on your desktop for easy access to fire it up and scrape Google Trends!

Download :

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GET Tweet Attacks Pro v3.4 working version

Tweet Attacks Pro v3.4 working version

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Everybody in the CPA world is screaming that TV Series are dead… that’s a lie! What’s true is that the big guys aren’t in this niche anymore. Of course it’s hard to make more then 300-400$ per day in this niche, but hey… I’m not greedy!

I am happy with what I’m making now… 100-130$ each day without working more than 2 hours/day!
*Fixed uploading issues that appeared due to recent YouTube changes.
If You're struggling to make money with CPA, CPA Blaster is exactly what you need...

No Experience - easy to use, no complex knowledge needed

No Cost - our methods are completely free and they generate their own free traffic

No Time - no more spending a week setting up your website and getting traffic only to see 3$/day... you can get your whole website and traffic setup in 2 hours.

Note: This tool was made to boost your CPA campaign earnings to levels you never thought you could reach. So, I'll skip the "product features" and tell you what the direct benefits are...

Instant Content: All you have to do is think about what TV serie you want to promote and CPA Blaster will do all the hard work for you. Our software will find and post all episodes on your blog with the click of one button... And that's not all it will keep your blog updated, posting all the new episodes for all the series you want!

Instant Youtube Traffic: This tool will make your life much easier ,T he ones how are already using youtube traffic know that your videos are constantly being removed because the competition is flagging them. Cpa Blaster will auto check all your videos , and if one of them is removed it will automaticly upload it with different title and description on a different account all on autopilot.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

PressBot V2.0 Submit Your Press Releases to 25 Top-Ranking Websites with One-Click

 PressBot V2.0

NEW! WEB20Bot now creates link wheels! And you control how you want the wheels to function. You can create the traditional wheel which links from site to site to site and ends at your target site. Or all the sites in the wheel point one to the next in a circle, plus each site in the wheel also points to your target site. Or you can opt for a random wheel. You can also choose to point one wheel to another.

Let's face it - on today's Internet, Social Media rules! And it didn't take long for the SEO experts to figure out the inherent value in obtaining backlinks and traffic from these WEB 2.0 Properties.

PressBot Features :

  • Automatically Submit to our list of Online Press Release Distribution Services (HOT)
  • Automatic Distribution Service Updates
  • Includes 5 Press Release Templates (HOT)
  • Unlimited Account Profiles
  • Unlimited Company Profiles
  • Smart Error Logging
  • Supports Site Title And Description Rotation
  • Supports Keywords
  • Supports Manual and Automatic CAPTCHA* Solving (HOT)
  • Automatic Service Updates (HOT)
  • Threading For Significantly Increased Submission Speed (HOT)
  • Comprehensive Submission Reporting System (HOT)
  • Ability To Edit Account ProfilesSupport For Basic Jet Spinner Syntax (HOT)
  • Ability To Delete Unwanted Services
  • In Depth Submission Error Reporting
  • Export Account Profiles To CSV
  • Supports Unlimited Public and Private Proxy Servers (HOT)
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[GET] Latest PageLine Professional Framework 2.1.2 Theme $197

[GET] Latest PageLine Professional Framework 2.1.2 Theme $197

PageLines Framework - Professional

Drag & Drop Done Right

Finally! A drag-and-drop platform that allows you to build a website in a professional way. The first-ever framework with draggable "sections" of professional web-design.Built On WordPress
PageLines is installed as a theme in WordPress. This means with PageLines you'll also get WP's advanced content-management capability and full compatibility with its 16,000 plugins.

The PageLines Store

In 2.0, PageLines is introducing the first-ever extension marketplace for websites. This means you'll be able to buy and sell almost anything you need for your site.



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Loading... Clientive Client Manager 2.0

Clientive Client Manager [Script (PHP/HTML/TXT)]

Version 2.0 is here!

Clientive is an easy to use client management facility which incorporates simple project management and invoicing features.

Some of the main features are:

* Organise clients in one accessible place and store details such as their name, contact information, etc.
* Organise your projects and link them to your clients. Store project information such as the services provided, start and due dates and statuses.
* Upload files easily using the file uploader and link the files to projects.
* A simple to use invoice generator allows you to invoice clients and PayPal integration allows them to pay invoices easily (this functionality is disabled on the demo).
* An intuitive messaging system allows you and your clients to contact one another.
* A dashboard displays your active clients (client with ongoing projects) and view alerts, which inform you of client activity.
* A client portal allows your clients to login and view their projects, upload files, view and pay invoices, send messages and edit their client details.
* Email notifications inform both yourself and your clients of activity with your/their accounts.
* Pagination, so you don’t end up with a long list of clients/projects/etc on one page.
* Settings allow you to change the Clientive to work for you. You can select the currency in which the application works (USD, GBP , EUR, CAD , AUD, more to come). You can add a sales tax, which will be automatically added onto invoice amounts. You can also add your PayPal email to allow PayPal payments and set the number of items to display per page.
* jQuery has been used to enhance the experience, examples include light boxes and the jQuery UI date picker.
* An easy to use installer (& upgrader) which will get you set-up in seconds!

Install instructions in clientive/documentation/index.html


pass: Password:

Demo /full_screen_preview/115727

Demo log in

Admin: Username – admin, Password – testadmin

Client: Username – client, Password – testclient

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