Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Everybody in the CPA world is screaming that TV Series are dead… that’s a lie! What’s true is that the big guys aren’t in this niche anymore. Of course it’s hard to make more then 300-400$ per day in this niche, but hey… I’m not greedy!

I am happy with what I’m making now… 100-130$ each day without working more than 2 hours/day!
*Fixed uploading issues that appeared due to recent YouTube changes.
If You're struggling to make money with CPA, CPA Blaster is exactly what you need...

No Experience - easy to use, no complex knowledge needed

No Cost - our methods are completely free and they generate their own free traffic

No Time - no more spending a week setting up your website and getting traffic only to see 3$/day... you can get your whole website and traffic setup in 2 hours.

Note: This tool was made to boost your CPA campaign earnings to levels you never thought you could reach. So, I'll skip the "product features" and tell you what the direct benefits are...

Instant Content: All you have to do is think about what TV serie you want to promote and CPA Blaster will do all the hard work for you. Our software will find and post all episodes on your blog with the click of one button... And that's not all it will keep your blog updated, posting all the new episodes for all the series you want!

Instant Youtube Traffic: This tool will make your life much easier ,T he ones how are already using youtube traffic know that your videos are constantly being removed because the competition is flagging them. Cpa Blaster will auto check all your videos , and if one of them is removed it will automaticly upload it with different title and description on a different account all on autopilot.

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