Thursday, October 11, 2012

PressBot V2.0 Submit Your Press Releases to 25 Top-Ranking Websites with One-Click

 PressBot V2.0

NEW! WEB20Bot now creates link wheels! And you control how you want the wheels to function. You can create the traditional wheel which links from site to site to site and ends at your target site. Or all the sites in the wheel point one to the next in a circle, plus each site in the wheel also points to your target site. Or you can opt for a random wheel. You can also choose to point one wheel to another.

Let's face it - on today's Internet, Social Media rules! And it didn't take long for the SEO experts to figure out the inherent value in obtaining backlinks and traffic from these WEB 2.0 Properties.

PressBot Features :

  • Automatically Submit to our list of Online Press Release Distribution Services (HOT)
  • Automatic Distribution Service Updates
  • Includes 5 Press Release Templates (HOT)
  • Unlimited Account Profiles
  • Unlimited Company Profiles
  • Smart Error Logging
  • Supports Site Title And Description Rotation
  • Supports Keywords
  • Supports Manual and Automatic CAPTCHA* Solving (HOT)
  • Automatic Service Updates (HOT)
  • Threading For Significantly Increased Submission Speed (HOT)
  • Comprehensive Submission Reporting System (HOT)
  • Ability To Edit Account ProfilesSupport For Basic Jet Spinner Syntax (HOT)
  • Ability To Delete Unwanted Services
  • In Depth Submission Error Reporting
  • Export Account Profiles To CSV
  • Supports Unlimited Public and Private Proxy Servers (HOT)
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