Tuesday, February 5, 2013

[GET] Ignite SEO

[GET] Ignite SEO

What does it do?
IgniteSEO is a state of the art promotion and analysis tool for Internet Marketers and SEO

Professionals. It’s designed to increase the amount of targeted traffic a website receives, thus

generating more sales and profit.
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Analyse your site as search engines do
Get more relevant visitors through better search engine placement
Make more sales!
Scrape Search Engine Results
Automatically Promote Press Releases
Automated Scripting
Confirm Email Activation Links
Analyze Competitor Backlinks
SEO Factors Analysis
SEO Report Generator
Search Engine Rank Tracking
Keyword Research
Search Engine Simulator and Web Crawler
Network Graphing
Content Analysis
OCR Captcha Breaking (in development, and subject to limits to prevent abuse)
Training Mode
There’s no shortage of automated link building tools around, and you may have seen other examples

before. However, IgniteSEO is different from all the others, for 2 reasons:
Flexibility – IgniteSEO features the most versatile link-building technology available today. It

pioneers a smart posting engine designed to be compatible with as many platforms as possible.
Link Quality – Because it can post links to platforms beyond the reach of other link-building tools

and avoids simply spamming sites, IgniteSEO willdiversify your backlink profile in a way no other

link-building tool can.

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