Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[Get] Pin Blaster 1.45 Updated

[Get] Pin Blaster 1.45 Updated

Main feature of Pin Blaster:

  • Automatic Follow PeopleThis feature will enable you to search for Pinterest people, and after that follow them.
  • Unfollow Fake FriendsFake friends are the users that you are following but they don't follow you back. Pin Blaster will automatically find this people and auto unfollow them.
  • Automatic Like PinsThis feature will give you the opportunity to mass like pins from a category or from a specific user. In this way your account will get a more legit look and usually the owner of the pin that you liked will come to check out your profile.
  • restore.png]Automatic RePinWe've implemented this feature because it's great to populate your account with pins. More pins on your accounts equal more repins/likes, that in the end, brings more traffic.
  • Automatic CommentsYou will be able to add a list of comments (spin syntax) choose a list of pins and auto comment on all of them.
  • configuration.png]Wordpress Content PosterPosting quality content on your Wordpress Blog is time consuming so we automated this task. Now you will have time to find viral content for your website and not worry about creating and uploading images to your blog.
  • Automatic Pin Blog PostsThis feature will pin each blog post that you create with Pin Blaster on one of your Pinterest accounts.

OthersPin Blaster includes many other extra but useful features like proxy support, multiple account support,etc.

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