Friday, April 12, 2013

[GET ] Resume/CV Publishing Theme ResumePress

[GET] Resume/CV Publishing Theme ResumePress

Publish your CV online and let employers see how creative you are with ResumePress.

ResumePress is a online Resume/CV theme for WordPress that lets visitors build online resumes to share with clients, employers, friends and family.

Each resume has its own unique website link so users can share their resume links online and bring traffic to your website which could then convert into new members. The admin can setup free/paid account and listing options.

10 Key Features Found in ResumePress

1. Customized Skill Sets

Users can customize their skill set captions and choose a rating 1 - 10 which will display as stars.

2. Favorite & Saved Searches

Members can save their searches and browse through profiles adding the ones they link to their favorites list.

3. Contact Forms

ResumePress comes with built in contact forms allowing visitors to contact users with their job requirements or questions.

4. WordPress Network Ready

ResumePress can be setup on WordPress network so that you can create multiple resume profiles for different industries.

5. Search Engine Optimized

ResumePress has been developed with search engine best practices to ensure your website ranks higher in search engines.

6. Membership Packages

The admin can create free and paid membership packages displayed on the registration and account pages.

7. Available for Hire

ResumePress has built in 'available for hire' tool that lets you display the available icon on your page when you are free to accept work.

8. Portfolio Display

ResumePress lets you attach files to your resume for users to view, this will create a portfolio setup for users to see your recent work.

9. Design Tools

ResumePress comes with a built in designer tool that lets you setup the colors, layout and graphics displayed on your website.

10 Widget & Plugin Ready

ResumePress supports all the normal widgets and plugins for WordPress allowing you to add-on extra functionality to your resume.

License Code : 8452158

If License Code Not Work You can try with a 0 Added first/last!


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