Monday, April 29, 2013

[GET] SENuke XCR 3.0.90 Portable

[GET] SENuke XCR 3.0.90 Portable

SenukeXCr Version 3.0.90 Release, Released 4/27/2013

This release is the
same as 3.0.89, with only a new recovery application and minor additional

Ticket 2053: Feature Request: Ability to selectively pause
Ticket 2516: Bookmarking sites in bookmarking module buit not in
account creation
Ticket 2519: Add handling for large lists of keywords in
turbo wizard
Ticket 2510: Bookmarking site to add
Ticket 2520: Lots of
social network sites succeed but no content posted on page
Ticket 2485: Using
Article Builder for bookmarking

Fixed success rates for forum, wiki,
bookmarking and social network.

Plus the usual site

Based off changeset #5256

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