Sunday, April 14, 2013

[GET] WordPress Auction Theme AuctionPress

[GET] WordPress Auction Theme AuctionPress

AuctionPress transforms WordPress into a beautiful auction website which can be easily customized and allows visitors to add/edit and manage their auctions.

This theme is ideal for creating niche market auction websites, website and business auctions such as Flippa or even as an additional service bolted onto to your existing website and integrated into your WordPress Network.

10 Key Features

1. Charge Visitors to Submit Auctions

Setup and customize your own membership packages and charge visitors to submit their products and services to your auction website.

2. Customized Email Alerts

AuctionPress has a built in email manager so you to setup customized email alerts sent to users during different events such as bidding, out-bid etc.

3. Registration Verification

To help protect your visitors from fraud and provide an extra line of security you can decide to manually check and approve member before they can use your website.

4. Feedback System

AuctionPress has a built in feedback system allowing buyers to leave sellers a rating for 4 customized featured which are then displayed on the sellers profile

5. Search Engine Optimized

AuctionPress has been developed with search engine best practises to ensure your website ranks higher in search engines and generate alot of organic traffic for your website.

6. Private Messaging

AuctionPress supports private messaging allowing members to contact each other via your website about auction listing descriptions.

7. Reserve Price, Offers & Buy Now

Auction listings can be setup with a reserve price and buy now options, they can also choose to accept offers with the 'make an offer' feature.

8. Relist Tool

Auction listings that do not sell can be relisted using the member account tools, one click and their auction is live and ready to go with the same setup options as originally listed.

9. eBay Import Tools

Rather than starting with an empty auction website you can import products directly from ebay which will help make your auction website looks busy.

10. Featured Auction & Google Maps

Auction listings can be setup as featured which means they display at the top of search results as well as be assigned with a map address to be plotted onto a Google map.

License Code : 8452158

If License Code Not Work You can try with a 0 Added first/last!

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