Sunday, April 14, 2013

[GET] WordPress Classifieds Theme ClassifiedsPress

[GET] WordPress Classifieds Theme ClassifiedsPress

Our Classifieds Theme transforms WordPress into a feature-rich Classifieds website optimized for search engines (SEO-friendly) and capable of handling thousands of classified listings without a sweat!

This theme is ideal for starting your own niche market classifieds website, allowing you to create membership packages with different features, prices and display options so visitors to submit their classifieds to your website.

10 key features every classifieds website should have!

1. Multiple Image/File Uploads

With our classifieds theme visitors can upload lots of images, videos and PDF files to their listings to create better looking classified listings.

2. Membership Packages

Our classifieds theme lets you setup customized membership packages so you can charge visitors $$$ to submit their classified ads to your website.

3. Multi-Language Support

Our classifieds themes works on a single language file, you add a new one of edit the English language file to customize the website with your own language.

4. Contact Forms & Messaging

Our classifieds theme comes with a built in messages system allowing visitors and memembers to communicate with each other via our website and ask questions.

5. Google Maps

You can setup customized membership packages and allow the Google maps option which will display a map on the classified ads page for local listings.

6. Design Editor Tools

You can easily customize your classifieds website using our admin designer tools, you simply pick the colours, layout and design you want.

7. Amazon / Ebay / Datafeedr Import

You can search, filter and import products directly from Amazon, Ebay and Datafeedr right from the Classifieds website and earn affiliate comissions.

8. Search Engine Optimized

Our classifieds theme has been developed with search engine best practises to help your website ranks higher in search engines.

9. Image Resize & Galleries

Our classifieds themes comes with a built in image resize tool to load small thumbnails to speed up your website and allow members to create image galleries.

10. Widget & Plugin Support

All PremiumPress themes are optimized using the WordPress core code which means you get all of the benefits of WordPress within your website.

License Code : 8452158

If License Code Not Work You can try with a 0 Added first/last!

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