Sunday, April 14, 2013

[GET] WordPress Job Board Theme EmployeePress

[GET] WordPress Job Board Theme EmployeePress

Start your own jobs board for members to post and bid on new job listings with EmployeePress.

EmployeePress is an online jobs board for WordPress similar to Elance, PoplePerHour or Freelancer. It allows members to add their job listing and members to login and bid on the work.

This is a great theme for creating niche market job board websites or adding it as an additional extra to your existing website.

10 key features every jobs board should have!

1. Bidding System & Resumes

EmployeePress supports both job bidding (like oDesk, Elance, Freelancer etc) and traditional job applications where users send their resumes.

2. Email Alters

Both employers and job seekers can choose to receive email alters when a new job is posted keeping them updated

3. Job Import Tools (indeed)

To help you get started and make your website looks busy there are import tools allowing you to import jobs into your EmployeePress website.

4. Website Designer Tool

You can easily customize the layout of your job board website, colors, images and column layouts using the build-in design tools.

5. Bidding System

EmployeePress supports a job bidding system whereby employees submit a bid for the job and the employee can choose the most ssuitable application.

6. Employer & Employee Profiles

EmployeePress allows for both job seekers and employer profiles to be created on signup with different account options available to each.

7. Multiple Resumes

Job seekers can create and manage multiple resumes on their profile, they can then attach different resumes to different job listing and upload a CV.

8. Membership Packages & Features

You can setup membership packages each with their own features and pricing structure which employers pay for when submitting new jobs.

9. Advanced Search Tools

You can setup your own customized search fields allowing you to personalize your job board website searching custom fields you setup in the admin.

10. Advertising Ready

Copy/paste your advertising code directly into the Admin Area, you can setup advertising per category, header, footer and left/right sidebars.

 License Code : 8452158

If License Code Not Work You can try with a 0 Added first/last!

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