Sunday, April 14, 2013

[GET] WordPress Real Estate Theme RealtorPress

[GET] WordPress Real Estate Theme RealtorPress

Build professional real estate portals or property directories in minutes with RealtorPress.

RealtorPress transforms WordPress into beautiful, easy to customize real estate and property showcase

websites with lots of great realtor features.

This theme is ideal for creating online property directories similar to right move, holiday rental and

advertisement website or as a showcase and property portfolio websites.

10 key features every real estate website should have!

1. Customized Search Fields

Create your own registration, profile and search fields using the build in admin tools helping you create your own unique real estate website.

2. Website Design Tools

You can easily customize your real estate webiste design, colors and layout using the build in design tools. Display options can also be easily turned on/off.

3. CSV/XML Import Tools

You can manage and import property listings into your real estate website using a spreadsheet or XML feed files, a popular tool for managing your listings.

4. Search Engine Optimized

Our real estate theme has been developed with search engine best practices to ensure your website ranks higher in search engines.

5. Customizable Homepage Widgets

With our real estate theme you can customized the display of widgets on your home page allowing you to create your own unique look and feel.

6. Agent Profiles

Our real estate theme has built in member roles allowing you to setup accounts for estate agents, admins and visitors, all with their own profile pages.

7. Google Maps

No property website would be complete without a fancy map which draws on the property image and address allowing the visitor to zoom right in.

8. Visitors Can Add Property

You can turn on/off the ability for visitors to submit their own property to your website and setup your own pricing structure and membership packages.

9. Rental and Listing Types

Our real estate theme supports different rental types such as 'for sale', 'for rent', 'for lease' and 'rent to buy' including 'sold','rented','leased', 'under offer' etc

10. Unique Member Dashboard

When visitors signup to your website they get their own dashboard area where they can login and view/manage their properties and edit their details.

License Code : 8452158

If License Code Not Work You can try with a 0 Added first/last!

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