Saturday, May 11, 2013

[GET] SENuke XCR 3.0.96 Portable

[GET] SENuke XCR 3.0.96 Portable

Update changes:

SenukeXCR Version 3.0.96 Release, Released 5/10/2013

Ticket 2546 - User cannot create bookmarking project in turbo wizard
Ticket 2540 - Titles not getting popilated when using Article Builder in turbo wizard
Ticket 2548 - Long titles get cut short in the wizard

Fixed success rates for ocial network
Plus the usual site fixes/changes/additions
Based of changeset #5284

*NOTICE* - This version gave the nag like other versions saying "the database is corrupt blah blah" where you just hit no and continue on. It's annoying to have it popup every time.. However, the last few versions did not do this? Weird, but I think he has it off sometimes in some versions, then the database corruption checking on in other versions. Like he is doing stuff, and forgets to turn it on before releasing the version.. Anyways, I STOPPED THE NAG from popping up. So if you REALLY DO have a database corruption, or invalid manifest.xml or settings, you may get weird errors. In most cases you shouldnt have any issues. However, I am going to try this until I can pinpoint the difference between the last 2 versions and this one.. So for now, its a nulled fix just stopping the nag box from popping up! Again, if you really do have an error, your senuke may act retarded!

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