Monday, May 13, 2013

[GET] SENuke XCr v3.0.98

[GET] SENuke XCr v3.0.98 

Update changes:

SenukeXCR Version 3.0.98 Release, Released 5/13/2013

Ticket 2552 - Index was outside the bound of array error
Ticket 2548 - Long titles get cut short in the wizard
TIcket 2554 - Project not closing when they are finished.

Plus the usual site fixes/changes/additions

Based off changeset #5289

INFO: SENuke updates usually every 2-3 days! Sometimes there are 100+ different sites added, so it is important to stay updated! Not every time, but about every other week at least, for average SENuke users...

Just copy the included SENuke.exe file out of my version, and paste it over the one in the SENuke default directory. If your new, I recommend just using it as a portable version. Just extract the folder from the archive to your desktop, and run it like a normal program!

TIP: To reduce possible errors, make sure there is NOT a space in the full path name! ie: "c:\SENuke" is good, but "c:\SENuke Cracked" is bad because it has a space in the path. It screws up the loading of the SENukeDB file. It puts its location in the Settings.xml file, but when it loads it, the space throws it off. If you have done this, or have any other error, you can either re-extract the archive fresh... or reset your SENuke. To reset, open Settings.xml and Settings.Old.xml and remove everything inside the tags. Save them, and re-open SENuke.

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